Friday, July 15, 2011

A Quick One

This is just a quick post as I have sort of taken it a little easy after the Malifaux event to let the gaming aura dissipate from the house.

I did get in another game of Malifaux against my son at the Superstore game night which had a great turn out with 16 or so people there. The game went well, Tristan is getting a good handle on the rules and starting to get his crew figured out.

I want to try to get a historical game played at the Superstore next meeting in August.

On the modelling front I finished off the first US modern infantry squad and have started the second one, so Force on Force will be ready to go soon. I also received the Fog of War deck from Ambush Alley games this week so that will be in place for the FoF game.

And last but not least my F1 career on the PS3 has been continuing along with ups and downs. I much prefer the challenge presented by raising the difficulty level up.

My first finished squad for Force On Force, US army.

A Few Glued Men, at the Superstore. Malifaux being played here.

Hordes and Warmachine with A Few Glued Men.