Sunday, April 24, 2016

Painting Some of the Backlog!

I haven't been playing too many games but have been doing some organizing of my hobby space and I started to work on some of the backlog of plastic and metal figs.
So here are some pictures of a few of the works in progress and some of those in the wait pile.

Some Barman the Miniature Game minis both finished and primed. The Viking just need basing.

Robotech minis in both states.

More Robotech minis plus some French and Indian War figures.

An Apache for Force on Force.

Infinity, 15mm WWII plus some assorted stuff.

Hey, some Napoleonic ships! 

And some bags and boxes.

More Infinity and Batman.

 20mm resin vehicles from Cpl Overby for Force on Force.

Primed and ready for paint. Really nice detail on these.

Some earlier versions.

And starting to get some paint on them.