Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Gaming(or non gaming)

Well it looks like summer has brought my painting projects to a crashing halt. I am sure I will get some dribs and drabs in but between work, home projects and just doing family/outdoors stuff most of my productive hobby time is just not there. So other than some odd times I think I will just reschedule for the fall and enjoy the summer.

This weekend gone by we got hit by the tail end of a tropical storm which took down a power pole in front of our house and cut off our power from Saturday morning till Sunday night. Tristan had a friend over so we pulled out a boardgame and played Dust Strategy by candle light. I made my move for world domination probably a turn too early and Tristan jumped on my weakened state to take over the lead and win. His friend enjoyed the game even though it was his first time playing and he doesn't often play these types of board games.

We continued our Call of Cthulhu rpg game run by Shawn with our investigators attending a party, no doubt full of cultist(or sacrifices), which ended in a death(surprise!) to follow up on. We are down one player for the summer and after this story arc we will probably go into hiatus till the fall.

This weekend we are going to continue with the Dragon Age RPG I am running for Shawn, Pierre, Tristan and Larry(via Google Hangouts) which should conclude their first adventure and again we will probably stop playing till the fall.

I have also started thinking of the way I want to present and run the miniature game demos I am running at Halcon this year. Halcon is the local Scifi, gaming & cos play convention. I have decided I will run much smaller demos with fewer figures and smaller but more scenic boards thrusting the players immediately into the action. In the past I have run full games for players but I think I will try this approach and see what gets better feed back.

The tree that came down taking out a power pole with it.

The next day after the crews cleared the road. There was quite a bit of this type of damage in our area. Our house is to the left of this picture on this side of the foot bridge.

Playing Dust Strategy by candle light.

And with the flash so you can see the board. I am yellow and doing quite well here but in a few turns blue, led by Tristan, would surge into the lead.