Monday, February 11, 2013

Infinity and Beyond

It was fairly quiet on the gaming/modeling front for a few weeks and then blam!, all of a sudden I was gaming and modeling like crazy. I am sure if you asked my wife she would say there was no discernible lull but I assure you there was.

I picked up Munchkin Deluxe and I have to say I bought it solely from watching Tabletop by Wil Wheaton. I have been aware of the game for a long time but honestly didn't see the appeal in it, it seemed too goofy. People seemed to have fun playing it when I had seen it played but I didn't think it was my kind of game. But after seeing the game played on Tabletop and actually seeing how the game played and the player interaction I thought I would pick it up. And I am glad I did, it's a fun game with a good "screw you neighbour" mechanic. In short just lots of fun. I played a game with my son and my wife and we had a good time. I quickly leaped into the lead only to be laid low by backstabbing and my wife took the win.

I also played another game of Star Wars LCG by Fantasy Flight Games. I am still learning the game and I was teaching it to my son at the same time. We did one thing wrong that I am aware of but I think I have a pretty good handle on the rules now. Tristan won the game playing the Imperial Navy vs. my Rebel Alliance deck. The game was so close though with him turning the Death Star dial for the win the turn before I would have won! Time to start putting together some competitive decks.

Tristan has also started to take an interest in Infinity and now that I have the rule basics pretty well down it seemed like a good time to give it another try with him. So I hauled out the terrain I was working on(and had stopped) and started putting that together and we put up a table and played a couple of 150pt games.  PanOceania vs. Haqqislam.

Both games were a lot of fun. The first game was a straight up shooting war and after I quickly took the lead Tristan came back and evened things up before I managed to finish him off. The second game we played a scenario in which we had to hack into computer terminals. Again the game was quick and fun but I did win fairly lopsidedly this time. Tristan still enjoyed the game though so that's a good thing. He is thinking of purchasing his own force either Yu Jing or Nomads.

I also continued playing Call of Cthulhu RPG by Chaosium finishing off the character's first adventure. My Roll20 Pathfinder campaign is on hold as one of the players is going to be on exercise for 3-4 weeks. In his absence I am going to try to run a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay adventure with the other players.

Model eye view of the Infinity table.

Overall view.

Some of the PanO in their start positions.

PanO Knight of Santiago.

Second game, the light green hexes are the computer components that need to be hacked.

Start positions. You may wonder why Ghulam 1 is in the open. I don't know. But after surviving 4-6 hits he managed to get back into cover.

PanO start positions on their left flank.

This sniper took out 2-3 guys from this position including the Knight of Santiago and the Medic.

PanO model eye view their right flank.

The table for the 3rd, as yet unplayed game. Some of the terrain is still to be painted.

Another angle.

Overall view.

Adding paper details to the building.

A coat of paint. Details to be painted.