Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Been Awhile

Yes it has been awhile and I am sure I will be forgetting some of the activities. It has been fairly active in both the gaming and modeling front.

After a prolonged halt with my painting my son wanted to paint some of his Malifaux figures so we both sat down to paint. He finished off his Marcus figure while I worked on some of my Resurectionists and I am continuing to paint so I have some crew choices before the Malifaux weekend in June.

Flesh Construct

Canine Remains

More Canine Remains

Marcus, painted by Tristan
 I have also been playing around with the Terraclips to see how I might put a board together for the Malifaux weekend.
The overall view, I have also placed some trees in the center unoccupied area to cut down LOS.
A close up showing the under pass, there are stairs up on the other side.
So as you can tell there is going to be another Malifaux weekend. I was thinking of making it larger and renting a hall but the Malifaux community around here just isn't quite there yet so I will be keeping it at roughly the same size but with some different players. So maybe next year the player base will be big enough to warrant renting a hall and all that entails. And if that happens I can plan for a regional event and get the guys down from New Brunswick again. This upcoming weekend will be sort of a test run for a tournament setting as I will be setting this up as a tournament using the Gaining Grounds rules from Wyrd Miniatures.

Now in terms of gaming I know I will forget stuff and in no particular order:
  • 2 games of Dust Tactics from Fantasy Flight games with my son. We are on scenario 6 of 8 from the Blue Thunder scenario book. Tristan won both games so I will have to win the next 2.
  • A game of Descent also by FFG. My friend Shawn is going to run a campaign and it's been awhile since any of us played so we played a refresher game. It was a fun game and after the players pulled out a strong lead Shawn managed to reel it in towards the end but not enough and we pulled out a win from the evil overlord.
  • A few games of WWI Wings of War, again by FFG. Another one I haven't played in awhile but lots of fun. I taught the game to a couple of players and gave a refresher  for another gamer who has lots of stuff but had only played a few times. We had a few 2 on 2 games in which I was shot down twice(who shuffled that damage deck anyways!)

A view of the 1st air battle, just before I got shot down.

The players for Wings of War WWI
The second fight with a 2 seater.
One of the Germans down.

  •  I also just finished up running a D&D session for Tristan and a couple of his friends. .It looked like it was heading for a possible TPK but they managed to get through and then wisely decided to rest for the night. I think they had fun and they should be able to wrap up the adventure in 1 or 2 more sessions.
Well I think that's about it for now unless you include a fair bit of online play with the 360 with Black Ops and Battlefield 3.

Thanks for reading.