Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year Projects

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and managed to get some games in.

Now is the time to make a list of gaming projects to complete this year but seeing as I don't work that way I think I will skip that part, other than planning to finish a couple of 28mm units I have, some British Napoleonic line infantry by Victrix and some British Pike & Shotte by Warlord Games. I will probably just sell these when they are done as I have no real plans to game these periods in this scale.

As far as gaming over the holidays go I did manage to get in a few board games and there was a number of games arriving under the tree for various members of the family.

I received Firefly the Board Game while Tristan got SmashUp, Galen received Three Little Pigs and the family got Temple Run, Mario Memory game and Yikerz.

Tristan and I are playing a game of Conquest of Nerath, which is a conquest(surprise!) game set in the D&D world, though I am not sure if we will finish it as Tristan seems busy. We have also got in a number of games of Yikerz, Temple Run, Three little Pigs and Mario Memory game(which I am not very good at!) and hoping to try a game of Firefly soon.

I have completed my 2nd wave of 28mm Canadians so I can now field two armies for Bolt Action. I may try a solo game first just to get comfortable with the mechanics before trying it out with some of the other interested parties here. In this case I based the team weapons on one base so the mortar and 3 crew are all on the one base. I thought I would try this for a change instead of mounting the crew all separate as I have done in the past. I will see which method I prefer after a few games.  

So here are the pictures of my completed Canadians representing The North Nova Scotia Highlanders and the Fort Gary Horse.

The new group of North Nova's. A 6pdr, a 10 man squad, mortar team, HMG team, PIAT team, sniper Team and a 2 man artillery spotter in the back. 

PIAT team.

Sniper team.

The Bren section.

HMG team.

Mortar team.

The complete force joined by 2 tanks from the Fort Gary Horse.

Ready for review!