Sunday, March 1, 2015

Painting and Game Prep

I have been cracking out the paints and working on a variety of different miniatures for some vastly different games.

I finally decided to start on the Robotech miniatures. I find having to paint 3 Veritech models to represent 1 miniature a bit of a pain but it is also what makes them so cool so I guess I shouldn't complain unless they come out with a scale transforming Veritech! I also found to my surprise that I like painting up the Zentradi. It's nice to paint the high contrast colours though this may change by the time I paint 20 or so of them!

The Zentraedi and a UEDF Veritech in all three modes.

I am also starting to paint up some more miniatures for Muskets and Tomahawks which shouldn't be that hard as they are all units that I have painted before and I am now just expanding on the base units.  So more British infantry coming up.

British reinforcements.

I have also cracked into The Batman Miniature Game miniatures. These are nicely detailed 35mm scale miniatures that are sculpted in a more true proportions than most miniatures. The only problem I have found with painting them is that the details are quite fine and hard to pick out sometimes. So there will be a bit of a learning curve with these.

The League of Shadows and Batman with some of Gotham's finest.

League of Shadows assembled!

The Ninjas. Joints filled with green stuff.

Talia al Ghul, Ras al Ghul, and Bane.

Batman and police.

Talia finished.

As far as gaming goes I got in a game of Firefly the Boardgame with the Blue Sun expansion. It was a quick 2 player game with my son using the downloaded introduction story card. The game was very quick, probably less than an hour so I think I won't be using that story card any more unless I am introducing a new player. I never even got a picture of this in progress as it happened so fast!

I also played a game of Pokemon(I know!) with my youngest son. He was enthusiastic to play but after I won the game he hasn't played again. It was my first game of Pokemon and I didn't realize how hard it is to battle a evolved Pokemon, so I won't do that if there is another game in the future.

Pokemon with rules!

On the RPG front I ran another session of Dragon Age introducing a new player. My long time friend Pat is joining in via Google Hangouts from Ontario while my son has bowed out for now. Everyone seems to have enjoyed the session.

Next week I will be continuing my Star Wars Edge of the Empire game starting the session off with a starship chase and heading into the finale of the adventure.

And we will probably be starting the Vampire game next month. My character is made and I ordered the b&w POD(print on demand) book which arrived very quickly. 

Until next time then.