Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holiday Gaming

Happy New Year everyone.

The house received a few games over Christmas. Tristan got Merchants and Marauders(Z-Man Games), Michelle got Dixit(Libellud) and I received Warhammer Invasion(Fantasy Flight Games). And all seem to be fun games having got in one game of each so far, well not a complete game of Warhammer Invasion but enough to know we will break it out again soon for a complete game.

Tristan and I continued our Dust Tactics game completing 4 of the 8 scenarios before we took down the game table so it is "to be continued" with the Axis in a precarious position.

I also played a few solo games of Elder Sign and Death Angel which are fun to play but I think I prefer Eldar Sign.

Pierre and I also replayed the infantry scenario in Force On Force, correcting rules mistakes from the first game(and adding some different ones). We have the rules pretty much down now and are ready to move on to the next scenarios from Road to Baghdad. This time the game ended very differently with the American forces barely getting off the start line due to some early casualties and losing the initiative early on.

I missed the first A Few Glued Men game night  but hope to get there for the next one.

Tristan and I are also planning on giving The One Ring RPG a try to see how it plays. It's a RPG set Middle Earth in the time between the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Flames of War has been put on hold till my opponent returns to the area so I that's it for now.

I also picked up an Xbox 360 over the holidays so that I can join the online mayhem with some of my friends, a few that are spread out across the country (at least as far as Ontario) and other more local friends who I just don't get to see that often. 

The field of battle from the Insurgent side. The red markers were to indicate hidden status.

From the American side. End of turn one.

End of turn two. Note the red bead on the American team represents a severe wound.

Note all the wounded Americans, apparently they skipped the medic training.

It was all down hill besides a stellar performance from my AT-4 which took out a couple of buildings. The Insurgent medics were much better though.

The Allies storming the Axis facility.

The Allies won breaching the wall in one spot.