Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Muskets & Tomahawks...Finally.

Having painted up some figures to try out the rules"Muskets & Tomahawks" some time ago I haven't had the opportunity to get the figures to the table. That changed when I recently got a game in against Eric. 

So having scheduled the game I quickly did a basing session because until I had some sort of gaming deadline it was hard to get motivated to get that done. So with the bases done the day before the game I headed to Eric's to fight out a French & Indian War scenario.

The based forces ready to go. Eric had painted up some French so it turned out all he needed was one of my Native units for the battle.
The board set up and initial setup. The Wolf figures represent hidden units while the stone walls mark the edge of the playing surface.

The British Regulars marching down the road flanked by two hidden units, one Rangers and the other Natives.

The French.

As the game progressed the Regular units faced off against each other with the help of my Rangers on the left flank while on the right my Natives tried to tie up two other French units, one native and one Canadian Militia.

The French allied Natives close in while my Rangers maneuver to block them.

The overall picture of the battle at this point with the Canadian Militia in retreat on the right.

I was a little pressed for time so I forget to take more pictures as the battle progressed but the game finished with only a few of my Rangers left alive from my entire force, having secured the right flank of my British Regulars while all that remained of the French force were a few of their Regular infantry. The game was a draw though Eric pulled out a marginal win by accomplishing a side mission for his officer while I did not fulfill mine. His officer was an old campaigner whose mission was just to survive and my officer had lost the faith of his men and thus had to singlehandedly kill 3 enemy figures, he managed 2 before getting cut down!

The game was quick to learn and quick to play while also being fun. The card activation mechanic seemed to give a good feel for the capabilities of the different styles of units represented such as the Native and regular soldiers while keeping the game flowing well and throwing in the unpredictability of which unit would be activated next.

We will probably get in another game of this fairly soon and I will try to get pictures of the full game.