Sunday, April 19, 2015

Star Wars, Robotech, WWII Oh My!

The last while I have been getting in a fair bit of role playing games with Vampire the Masquerade, Star Wars Edge of the Empire, Dragon Age and Call of Cthulhu and seeing as I don't think anyone wants to read about these exploits suffice it to say that the games have been fun and the fact that I am a player in 2 and a gm of 2 has been keeping my free time fairly full.

The last few weeks or so though I have been getting in some board and miniature games. I started playing in an Imperial assault campaign which isn't going so well for us Rebels at the moment but I am sure things will turn around in the next few games.

My friend Chet came over recently and I tried a game of Armada, Fantasy Flight Games miniature game of large ship combat in the Star Wars universe as well as a game of Battlegroup a WWII miniature game.

Armada was fun but the game needs more variety in units which are due out soon anyways and that will make the play more interesting.

Battlegroup was a fairly quick game to play adding a few twists to a core of some fairly standard rules so there is nothing to throw you off. I liked the way friction of battle starts to wear down your effectiveness and that when firing you can choose to fire to pin or kill.

I have also got in some painting finishing off some figures for Batman the Miniature gane and Robotech RPG Tactics.

I am looking forward to our annual Free Comic Book Day outing in a few weeks as well as a board game weekend at a friend's cottage known as CottageCon and the second annual CottageQuest, a rpg weekend.

Armada Game
My Star Destroyer closes in as the TIE's engage.

The fur ball in the middle.

I quickly took care of one of the Rebel ships and now the other closes in.

Being harassed by the CR-90 and the last of the X-Wings. Shortly after this the X-Wings were destroyed but I flew off the edge of the board ending the game in defeat. 


The Terrain.

Chet deep in thought! I had a more officers giving me more orders most of the time.

My troops had just been glued on bases about 30min before the game and were not painted. I am not sure what Chet's excuse was! 

Troop eye view. The game was very, very close. We were both about within a turn of causing each other to retreat but I broke first.

Batman the Miniature Game
Making bricks for the bases.

Applying the basing materials.

Talia Al-Ghul.


 Robotech RPG Tactics

One Veritech, 3 modes.

Imperial Assault, game 1.
Near the end as my Wookie breaks in but is ultimately blocked from achieving success.

Mid way as we storm the Imperial base.

Early game as we advance on the door.