Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Away

I'm off Monday for 10 days. Dad and I are going on a Canadian war memorial tour through France and ending in the UK. I'm looking forward to it and I will post some pics when I get back. My wife suggested that I take one of my minis with me and take pictures of him and various sites and seeing as I am painting up some WWII Canadians I thought I might take the Sgt along with me.

I am almost on schedule for the painting I wanted to get done so that's good for a change. I finished off the modern urban fighters for Force On Force and started on the Napoleonic ships. I also started building some 15mm Shermans by the Plastic Soldier Co. I am planning on using them for Flames of War and they should be fine though they are slightly smaller than the Battlefront miniatures. I also started to put together my Battlefront German half tracks. I had finished the infantry some time ago but had not done anything with their transports as I was just intending to use them as grenadiers but if the transports are built it will give me more options on what sort of unit I can field. With minor adjustments I can easily field a regular grenadier company or an armoured grenadier company or even a straight up armour company. 

I also managed to get in a game of Malifaux at the game night against my regular opponent though at the next gathering we will probably switch up opponents. The game was my Guild with Perdita vs. Levitecus. The first half of the game I had under pretty good control but it slipped away towards the end. My selection of schemes was not the best which made it to hard for me to close the VP gap. I will have to study the schemes a little better before I play next.

And one last thing, I found a store not too far away which has a very good selection of Flames of War stuff. So if you are in Nova Scotia and can get to Gametronics in New Minas check them out.

Urban Resisters by Caesar Miniature.

Sgt "Smith" about to embark for France.