Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2nd Annual Malifaux Weekend

It's been awhile since my last post and just about a month ago since I held my second annual Malifaux weekend.

I had 6 players plus myself and this time I ran it in a tournament format. I used a standard format from Wyrd Miniature's Gaining Grounds Tournament rules. 35 soulstone crews, one faction per player, 3 rounds and Domination scoring.

We all went to the local pub to kick things off on Saturday and then headed back to the house to play the first 2 rounds. My wife made  pulled pork for supper and then we played a session of Warhammer Roleplay 3e. That finished off the 1st day quite late(or early Sunday) so everyone turned in for the night. All the participants stayed over for the night and the house was a little cramped but we all managed just fine!

The next day we had a large breakfast and then played the final round followed by a BBQ and I passed out certificates for 1st, 2nd and last. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, the hardest part was playing the games in the allotted time as the local players have never really played to a timed session and we are all fairly slow.

So the players were(in no particular order) Shawn playing Arcanists, Tristan playing Arcanists, Ed playing Gremlins, Julian playing Gremlins, Ian playing Guild and Chet playing Guild.

The final results were Ian, Shawn, Ed, Chet, Julian and Tristan.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and I think, if I continue running this, I will probably stick to the tournament format.

And a big thanks to Michelle for the great meals and putting up with our home being invaded by my friends and a metric tonne of their minis!

Shawn and I also played a game of Malifaux towards the Wyrd miniature world wide campaign, unfortunately I severely let down the Resurrectionist cause.

Tristan and I also managed to get in a few games of Warhammer Invasion and The Lord of the Rings card game, both by Fantasy Flight Games .

I've also been putting together a load of Orks for 40k, what with the new edition out. As well I also finishing off the 1st few models for Infinity .  

table 1

table 2

table 3 TerraClips(sideways!)

Round 1. Clockwise starting from the left: Ian, Tristan, Chet, Julian, Shawn and Ed.

Round 2 (note Ian contemplating his next illegal move!)

Round 3.

The obligatory "Shawn studying a stat card" shot.

My first Infinity figures, PanOceania Fusiliers. I still have to decide what I am going to do with the bases.

That's about it for now, talk to you in a few weeks or so.