Thursday, August 15, 2013

The First Edge of the Empire Session and More 15mm Preparation.

Well it wasn't hard to find a group interested in trying the Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG by Fantasy Flight Games. In fact the group that played the Call of Cthulhu campaign transferred straight over to the Star Wars game with me taking over the GM position with Shawn becoming a player(previously the GM) and a new player(a big SW fan) joining in for a total of 5 player characters taking part. We started off playing the adventure out of the beginners box with a few additions to make the adventure a little more open. The players picked up the game mechanics pretty quick and the first adventure is pretty action orientated. The next session will finish off the starter adventure and we will continue with the free online adventure that extends the story. The players seemed to enjoy the game and liked the narrative aspect of the dice mechanics.

We went camping last weekend near where my friend Chet lives so he came out for the evening and I passed on some Flames of War materials I had picked up for him from Gametronics in New Minas. We also all played a fast, fun game of  Forbidden Island which we lost.

My son Tristan and I have been dusting off (literally in my case) our Warhammer 40k miniatures and trying a few games of 6th edition. 1250pts of Orks vs. Imperial and the games are pretty fun though there is some frustration playing the Orks!

I have been working slowly on trying to get my Flames of War Germans finished off and they are coming along pretty well with the hopes of doing a beach landing game soon.

Works in progress:

10.5cm German battery.

The battery all together. Finishing details and shading still required.

Spotters, HQ and staff.

US spotter plane.

StuGs from the Open Fire starter set.

Tiger 1's from Plastic Soldier Company.

7.5Pak40's from the starter set as well.
First 40k battle:
The setup, scenario is Big Guns Never Tire with Dawn of War deployment.

The bulk of the Orks.

My Deffcopters advance on the flank.

and are quickly taken out, a general advance as the Imperial Guard stays put.

Closing on the other flank.

My center has been destroyed.

Nearing the end, my Deff Dread tore apart the Punisher but the IG got a 7-4 win.
 The Second Game.

The second game. Scenario: The Relic, deployment: Hammer and Anvil.

The IG line.

The Orks pile in, moving on either flank. While the IG squad in the center drop the relic and run after the Killa Kans charge them.

The IG Chimera is destroyed while the Leman Russ blows up taking some IG with it.

The carnage at the end. The Orks won this one 2-0.

The Ork pile of dead.