Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Malifaux Weekend 2013

This past weekend I hosted my 3rd annual Malifaux Weekend and for the second year I used the Gaining Grounds tournament format from Wyrd Miniatures.

All told we had 8 players including me and we were able to fit in all 3 rounds on Saturday which is pretty good for us as we tend to eat up a lot of time chatting...and eating. Again it was pretty relaxed and I think everyone involved had a good time. I supplied 2 tables and 2 more were brought by other players. Chet is making a very sharp game table with a place for cards on either edge and a sunken center section to insert terrain pieces and although the terrain wasn't quite finished the table looked very nice indeed.

My crew was locked in with the Guild and I stayed with a Perdita crew with only a minor alteration for my second game. The first match up was random and I played Alex on the mansion table managing a win against his Rail crew. Alex is a new Malifaux player but seems to know the game quite well already.

My next game was against my son Tristan and his Marcus crew on the Graveyard table and in this round I got a tie.

The last round was against Shawn(my nemesis perhaps!) again on the mansion table and I lost this round though the game was fairly close.

So the top three were: 1st Shawn, 2nd Ian and 3rd Tristan. I placed 4th. Honorable mention perhaps goes to Chet for possibly causing the most casualties while losing every round!

And of course thanks to my wife for letting the house be invaded by a bunch of gee...I mean gamers and feeding us all while entertaining two not quite old enough to be gamers.

But of course the main thing was everyone had a good time, we played games, ate food, had refreshments and just generally enjoyed the weekend.

After the rounds of Malifaux were played we cracked out some other games. We played Werewolf Saturday night and a variety of games on Sunday including some more Malifaux, Tide of Iron, X-Wing, Lord of the Rings LCG, Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game and Smash Up another card game.

Soon this event may have to be moved to a slightly larger location and perhaps open it up to more people.

After that was all done and the house returned to normal I started to do some work reposing an Infinity miniature adjusting the position of a gun in a PanO Orc trooper's hand. I never liked the way it was positioned and when I accidentally broke it off it seemed like a good time to make some modifications.

The Frontier town.

The Mansion board.

The Grave board supplied by Ian.

Chet's Badlands board.

Ian and Chet in the foreground, Tristan and Ed in the background.

The action at the Graveyard.

Julian and Shawn battling in the Frontier town while Alex and I fight at the Mansion.

Round 2, Julian and Ed.

Me and Tristan fighting over the Graveyard.

The action in the other room.

Hey, it's Alex reading the stat card!

The round match ups.

And the final standings.

Repositioning the gun. I cut off the stock, pinned the arm and filled the gap with Green Stuff.

A better view to see the angle.