Friday, March 14, 2014

A Little Bolt Action

After a bit of an absence I will get back it to a more regular posting again. Between a lack of tabletop gaming and some computer problems I have been very delinquent in my posting!

I have been playing a fair bit of rpg's lately returning to Call of Cthulhu as a player after running Star Wars with the same group and continuing D&D 3.5 with another group while starting another group over Google+ with Dragon Age.

Unfortunately my CoC PC died early in the 2nd session being suffocated by a blob so I will be starting a new PC next session. The D&D campaign is starting to make some headway, now if we can only get the weather to cooperate so we can get together as scheduled that would be great. And the Dragon Age game is bringing in a new player who hasn't gamed in awhile and who I have been reacquainted with through my wife's work place after many years. So we played an introductory game to introduce the game setting and mechanics and try playing over Google Hangouts which seemed to work out well so I will integrate 1 or 2 more players soon.

As far as miniatures go I put together the Reaper Miniatures Cthulhu figure, it is hard to call it a miniature as it is fairly large and managed to get in 2 games of Bolt Action with my Canadians. Now we did do one major rule error in that my off board artillery fired numerous times when it should have only happened once but it was shelling my own troops so I guess it was all fair!  So next up is to paint some more Canadians! I also ordered the miniature rules Muskets & Tomahawks which is a skirmish game set during the French & Indian Wars. It seems to get good reviews and I have been looking at it for along time now so why not indulge in gaming some Canadian history!

Cthulhu green stuffed, now I just have to figure out how to paint him!

My pin markers for Bolt Action. I need something that will not be mistaken as terrain(and over looked) but something that is not too distracting on the table.

The table. Our first battle was 500pts which we played on a 4 by 4. The red markers indicate the edge of the play area.

The Canadians advance in the foreground. We played demolition, The objectives were the green(in front) marker and a white one hidden in the back of the picture to the left.

Not many casualties yet as the Germans move up.

My sniper team goes down!

Most of this was caused by my own arty falling short.

The Germans have occupied the cover while my arty continues. This was a rules error, the arty should not have continued firing for the rest of the game. It took out both our HQ's and threw on more pins.

The Germans got into strong positions and that was the end for the Canadians!

The end. No one got their objectives though the Germans tried to push through.

The second game at 1000pts we used the whole 6 by 4 table.

My Sherman's moved up supported by infantry. This was the point defense scenario and my objectives were all along the back of the board. I planned a strong push on one flank but got targeted by my artillery...again. We made the same rule error and the arty kept falling. We plan to revisit the game soon.

The German defensive line.

Looking down the road...


The Germans with clear command of the battlefield.

And viewed from their other flank. My arty really kicked the s*** out of my advance, so looking forward to a redo now that we know hoe the arty should have worked.