Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hey, Some Summer Gaming After All

Well I guess I lied after my last post because I have managed to get in a number of miniature games.

First up was a couple of 40k games on with my son. Breaking out my 40k Orks after I had packed all my GW stuff away in the basement thinking I would not be playing them for awhile if at all. Our first game was 500pts Astra Militarium vs. Orks and then a 750pt battle adding in some extra units. The first battle was a loss for my Orks in a Crusade scenario using Hammer and Anvil deployment. I just couldn't get close enough to start doing any amount of damage to use units. 

The second was a Maelstrom of War scenario, Tactical Escalation. In this scenario I was able to come to grips with his main army and was able to wipe out most of his force till he conceded on the last turn. 

I really like the new edition of 40k and I find it plays a lot smoother than some of the previous editions and not having the mighty rule tome on the table is a bonus also! I don't play competively so I am not sure how it holds up in that environment.

The next game I played was Malifaux 2nd edition, I think this is only the second game of this edition I have played. I played against Shawn, my old nemisis. I decided to go back to basics with Perdita and Shawn fielded Ramos. Shawn beat me handily as I could not go after my objectives well with Ramos on the table. We did do a few things wrong but it was a good game to get reacquainted with the crews. The game mechanics haven't changed much other than tidying up some of the rules but the individual miniature abilities have changed a fair bit so it's a bit like learning the crews over again. We will probably try to get a few more games in and I will try to host my annual Malifaux weekend tourney again in the late fall providing I finally finish my kitchen renos, which are starting to take shape by the way. I can't seem to find the pictures I took of this game so next time I'll make sure I get some.

The last game was a 1850pt 40k battle against my friend Chet. He also fields Astra Militarium. We tried a new deployment method he borrowed from another mini game which had us taking turns placing markers on the board. Once the markers were within a certain distance of an opposing marker they were locked in place and their placement determined the deployment zones. This was a good game with lots of Orky mayhem going on. And though the final score was quite lopsided for Chet the game was actually fairly tight till the end.

Since the last blog we also got in another game of Call of Cthulhu rpg inwhich my PC died, well he was pretty much insane anyways and the rest of the party ran away. They did come back in daylight and did some damage control so a partial success I guess.

I also ran the last installement of Dragon Age RPG for the summer and have formed the greater plot in my head for when we continue this fall. The PC's were successful in the intro scenario but had to leave the area before the good will of the town enivitably turned against them.

And with all this 40k stuff going on I starting building and painting some Orks again, sucked back in again!

This was our setup for the 500pt battle. We set up the terrain thinking to deploy at the top and bottom edges of the picture but the deployment we rolled had us setting up in this direction giving the Astra Militarium the advantage of the built up terrain which Tristan wisely defended and I just couldn't 
get to grips with him.

This is the setup for the 750pt battle with the terrain a little more even. We had a diagonal setup.

The Orks closing in. Tristan's artillery officer called in fire on his own tank allowing me to finish him off!

The tank is gone with the explosion taking out some Guard leaving the remaining Orks to close in on the last of the Guard.

The table for the 1850pt battle.

The final deployment after using Chet's borrowed deployment method.

1850pts of Orks.

Deployment at the other end of the table.

My Blitza Bomba enters the board...and rolls double 1's crashing nowhere and forgetting to release it's bombs. Not the best debut but I'll remember it anyways!

Things have not gone well, my Shock Attack gun, after doing little damage to the enemy decided to fire on it's own units finally doing my Nobs. Chet's Vendetta gunship finished them off. Every Nob jumped infront of the bullets to save the Warlord and then failed all their armour saves destroying the whole unit.

So knowing painted units fight better I started getting some quick paint jobs in!