Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Games While Camping, Hinging My Land Raider Doors

The family went camping last week, we packed up the car and the tent trailer and headed to one of the national parks, Kejimkujik. While packing up I found room for a couple of board games.

So between the hikes, biking, canoeing and trying to relax (impossible with a 3 year old in the family) we managed to play a few games. We played a couple of games of Carcasonne by Rio Grande Games, a game we usually bring with us when camping. Even the youngest, Galen, likes to play this trying to get all his meeples out first.

We also played a game of Tribune by Fantasy Flight Games  after Galen had gone to sleep. We played this in the dark by the camp fire under the light of our lantern. We called it after a certain point as it was getting late. Tristan was declared the winner with the most victory conditions though in one more turn I would have been able to pull out the win anyways.

I also brought a rpg to play, The One Ring by Cubicle 7 but we didn't get a chance to play. I always think it would be great to role play while camping but I never actually get to. I brought along Death Angel  by Fantasy Flight Games as well but didn't get that out either.

And that's been it for the gaming. I've been keeping busy with other things and have not managed to fit in any miniature games but I have been doing some modelling.

In an effort to field a slightly larger British Napoleonic army for Lasalle, besides the basic defensive force, I have started painting up a couple of extra infantry units to allow me to go on the offensive and a attached cavalry force. Lasalle has army lists consisting of a basic force which is modified when you are the attacker. You can then pick additional attachments, each player picking the same number. After that I will pick away at units as I have quite a few minis still in the bags. They are all 15mm Battle Honors.

I have started to repaint some 15mm German vehicles for Flames Of War. I had originally done the camo pattern with a brush but wasn't happy with the look so I decided to redo them with the air brush. I always imagine the air brush is more work than it actually is.

I continued working on my scratch built Trebuchet and my Land Raider Crusader.

Adding Green Stuff details like steel rings around the weight basket...

and metal pivot points.

The first unit of Brits under way. I am painting these up with the intent to dip them.

So I used white primer to brighten up the colours before the get toned down with the dip.

The camo pattern applied by airbrush. Much more satisfactory than the one I applied by brush which you can see in a previous post.

The whole group I did.

How I hinged the Land Raider Doors.

First I cut out the center section of the two exterior hinges.

Here they are cut with a hobby saw.

I then finished the job with a hobby knife and then filed the cut smooth.
I then cut off to small sections of plastic tube.

And then made sure they fit into the cut out sections.

Next I cut off two pieces of paper clip the length of the total hinge section.

I then drilled straight through the hinges.

The paper clip pieces were then pushed into the hinges as indicated by the tool.

The hinges were then glued in place applying a small drop of glue to each section of white tube where it will contact the hull.

After the glue has dried. The door opens...

and closes!
Well that's it for now, hopefully I will have a game report next time.

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