Saturday, November 17, 2012

Infinity Terrain

I have just started to build some dedicated terrain for Infinity. I think, in general Infinity might look better on a table that has not been previously destroyed by battle or covered in skulls. Infinity also needs a lot of terrain to block lines of sight and elevations to give advantageous positions.

My idea is to make some structures that would fit in with a mining outpost or something similar. So I have started by making some "prefab" looking buildings and then I will make a landing pad and maybe some piping and gantry walkways to give some height. I have also made some "rock" bridges out of high density foam.

On a slightly different front I am continuing to run the Pathfinder role playing game via the internet using the Roll20 web program. I am starting to get used to both the program interface as well as the Pathfinder system so I am hoping to recruit 1 or 2 more of my friends to play. I think 4 players would be the maximum I could run using the computer.

I am planning to have a gaming weekend in a few weeks with a number of friends over for a weekend of games, both miniature and board games, so that should be a lot of fun.

Foamcore board with the main structure marked out. The dotted lines are where I will cut a 45 degree cut part way through.

My plans, or what amounts to plans.

The foamcore cut out, 2 ends and the main structure.

The main structure held together with elastics.

Once again with the windows and door cut out, and the removable roof in place.

The structure with a figure beside it. Details are yet to be added.

My "rock" bridges.


  1. Infinity? What! Another table top mini's game?!... Where do I get these rules? Figs?

  2. Try your local store, I have to order online and I usually order from Meeplemart. It's a skirmish Sci-fi game using about 4-12 figures per side. You can also get the rules free from their website, go to their download section.