Friday, December 21, 2012

More Infinity Terrain in Progress

Still doing some work on my Infinity terrain.

I built another building block and a balcony to allow me to stack them or use them individually. Details are still required.

I am also working on some industrial piping with a walkway on top and then I will build a landing pad.

The idea is to have a table depicting a  frontier mining outpost of some sort with the building complex on one side and the rocky area I had built previously and shown a couple of posts ago on the other side.

Tristan and I played a game of Castle Ravenloft, a D&D board game by Wizards of the Coast which was fun but once again ended in failure by the heroes!

At this point I am not sure if Tristan and I will be doing our annual Christmas miniature game. In the past we try to play a larger miniature game over the holidays, usually a GW game but perhaps not this year though I am hoping to get in another Pathfinder session over the computer with Tristan and my friend Pat in Ontario.

See you after the holidays and I hope everyone has a good gaming break.

The 2 buildings stacked.

The 2 buildings on the ground with the balcony removed.

A better view of the stairs. The slots are the height of the bases so the figures are held in.

With the roofs removed. Now to clean them up and add details.
The storage tank with a pipeline leading to an underground source.

I will be adding a walkway on the top of the pipes.

Just another view.

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