Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cottage Con & Free Comic Book Day, Yay!

Another few busy weekends of gaming and just cool stuff.

The first event was the annual Cottage Con hosted by a friend of mine, Rob T. He opens up his cottage to a bunch of his friends and we play board games all weekend. Tristan and I arrived a little late due to some previous commitments so we missed the first night and morning of games but once we got there we enjoyed playing a number of games, BBQ some food and had a great breakfast cooked by the host.

Some of the games we played were Smash-Up, Dust the Strategy Game, Gloom, Elder Sign, Lord of the Rings LCG, X-Wing, Werewolf among others and there was a stack of games there that we never got to.

Speaking of which one of the games there was Clash of Cultures which I had wanted to try but didn't get the chance so Shawn let me borrow the game and give it a try at home which Tristan and I did. It's a good game and does the  civilization style of game very well without being complicated.

The next weekend was Free Comic Book Day. Last year my wife and I took the kids and met Shawn at one of the stores and then went for lunch which made for a pretty fun day. This year Michelle was heading south of the border so the kids and I took her out to the airport early in the morning, then we killed some time at a Tim Horton's and a playground till I figured it was late enough to call Shawn up. This time we went and had breakfast first before hitting the stores. We went to Monster Comics first as Mike usually runs a store wide sale at the same time. We got some comics and Tristan picked up Small World Underworld while I picked up the last expansion for Tide of Iron, Fury of the Bear. Shawn stocked up as well and then we went to Strange Adventures, both their old and new location and Games People Play(no comics but I hadn't been into this store yet). Our last stop was at Quantum Frontier for a Halcon BBQ. By that time I think my youngest had had enough and so had I to tell you the truth but another great Free Comic Book Day and I look forward to next year.

Later in the week Tristan and I played a 2 player Small World and then Michelle joined us for a 3 player game and I believe I won both.

The Call of Cthulhu rpg campaign is continuing with the investigators starting the climatic conclusion, I expect that some of us will not remain quite intact, well our characters anyways.

On the modelling front I have been doing some work getting my Flames of War armies finished(well they never really get finished do they). I am working on a late war German and American force as well as finishing off a model of an AAV-7 by Dragon models for my modern 20mm USMC to use with the Force on Force rules.

I am hoping to get some Flames of War to the table soon as well as some Force on Force.

Cottage Con - Clash of Cultures

Elder Sign

Dust Strategy

? not sure ?

Mage Wars I believe.

Warhammer Invasion

Dust Strategy continues.

Smash Up the new hit of the con.

The popular Zombicide.

Another Smash Up game getting started.

Legendary the Marvel deck building game.


Darth Vader (me) about to be taken out.

My AAV-7 nearing completion.

A row of M4's awaiting decals and details. These are a mix of Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company.

The other angle showing some M10's and Priests.