Monday, December 9, 2013

Return to the WWII 28mm Canadians

Awhile ago I painted up a few WWII 28mm Canadians by Black Tree Designs. One squad and a command unit a Sherman and a Sherman Firefly to be exact. Since then I have picked up the Bolt Action rules and would really like to give them a try. Previously we had been using Disposable Heroes by Iron Ivan Games and they work reasonably well though the infantry/vehicle rules are not the most seamless. The Bolt Action rules read well but you can only really tell how easy they are to play once you put the armies on the table!

I already have a good size Soviet force and my friend has a good size German force and I know a few other people who might like to give the Bolt Action rules a try so having a second army ready to play would be nice.

So I checked my painting note book in which I keep sporadic notes on the paint colours I use to paint various armies and I had actually written down the paint colours I had used which was a pleasant surprise.

From my initial painted group I am adding another squad, a MMG, a mortar, artillery spotter, a sniper team and a 6pdr AT gun which still leaves another squad, sniper team, LMG team, 2 PIAT teams, and a few assorted soldiers.

I mounted all the figures I wanted and then primed them except the squad which my friend had previously mounted and primed.

So there is still work to do but at least I have gotten a good start. I will finish off the base colours and then shade and highlight. I also have a couple of jeeps and a M5 halftrack I can dig out if I want. They are slightly older models and do not compare to the new models for detail(and scale for that matter!) out now but they will do in a pinch.

Canadian rifle squad primed and based.

6pdr AT gun. I have since glued the crew directly onto the base removing their individual bases allowing me to trim a little off the gun base.

The MMG.

The mortar.

The teams

The book with my colour guide.
The 2 main uniform colours mixed 1:2

The sniper Team

Mortar team.

MMG team.

The infantry force under way. The soldiers on the right are the original completed ones.

The new squad.

Artillery spotters.
And the 6pdr AT gun.

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