Friday, December 26, 2014

Starting a New Year of Gaming

It's been quite awhile since my last post. 

I managed to get a fair chunk of the house renovations done which cut into some of the free time. Now I did squeeze in a nice amount of games though not much modelling and not much time to blog so to catch up I am just going to post some pictures that I remembered to take of some of the games.

Malifaux versus my son.

Game 2

Vikings finished, need basing still.

My birthday present!

Robotech Kickstarter finally arrived!

My birthday gathering.
Temple run with Pierre and my youngest.

Sentinel Tactics, friends and food! (Rob T and Pierre in the frame)

Eric, Julian and Ian play Incursion.

X-Wing, team Pierre and me as the Empire came out on top versus Tristan, Chet and Shawn. Julian observes.

Fortune and Glory till the wee hours.
Julian, Chet, Ian and Tristan nearing the end. Eric has bowed out by now.

Next day, more Sentinel Tactics. Chet and Tristan as the evil overlord.

Malifaux versus Shawn.

A Game of 40k. My Orks.

Hal Con 2014 demos.
More X-Wing.
Just a regular game of Formula D.

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