Friday, October 1, 2010

The "Cool" factor

So I've just taken a look at my very crowded work center and seen the various projects I have on the go which gives a very quick sample of the way my mind wonders through the gaming hobby dabbling here and there and once in awhile actually finishing something. On the desk I have (insert drum roll) three 1:1200 Napoleonic ships, five Warhammer 40k Space Marines and a Chaplain, four 28mm British Napoleonic Rifleman, one 28mm ECW figure, and some other 40k terrain. All are in different stages, from just primed to almost finished and I know I have other projects on the go which have been put on the shelf that means "I will get back to you when my interest is re-ignited".

And that is what I like about the hobby I can bounce around as much as I like, as my interest is peaked by something I've read or watched or just seen in the store and gone "now that's cool"

So now let me tell you what has peaked my interest lately. Its the Napoleonic ships which I am actually building for a friend who has a similar habit of bouncing around the hobby, which is a bad influence to have around. We bought some Langton miniatures awhile ago now and after some time I got my small British fleet together, two 74's, a 100gun and a Frigate while his French fleet got lost among his various projects. We want to try out the Trafalgar rules published by Warhammer Historical and after some ribbing from me along the lines of the cowardly French not wanting to put to sea he suggested I could build them and perhaps he would help out on some future miniature purchase of mine. So here I am putting some French vessels together, hopefully I won't get distracted before I finish. I learned a lot putting mine together so these should get to sea with much less hassles as long as I remember everything I learned the first time.

Besides modeling I am hoping to get in a game of D&D this month with some friends and my son in one of my friends very irregular campaign , no fault of his, that would be me again.

And of course some video games in on the PS3, mostly racing which my youngest forces me to so he can watch and I picked up RUSE so I will play that when I can get time on the system between my oldest son and my wife, why did I buy Star Wars LEGO!

I think I am going to grab a beer now and kick someone off the PS3.

My crowded work station with my projects and some of my sons.
 The Royal Sovereign
 The British fleet
 One of the French under construction


  1. Hi Rob,

    Great first blog post! Maintaining focus is the biggest challenge for the jack-of-all-trades hobbyist.

    Rob T

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    Since I've got back into the miniature painting I've found that it helps to have projects in various stages of completion. Depending on my mood I can assemble models, prime them, work on basic colours or do the real fine detail. It helps to keep my momentum.

    For the record, are these French admirals more or less cowardly than your Warhammer Orc army? It really helps to have a point of reference for these things ;)


  3. Thanks for reading and just for the record the Orc army is encamped while building up their Waaagh to unleash upon the Warhammer world.(at some undetermined future date)

  4. Great to see Wooden Ships & Iron Men (WS&IM) making a resurgence on your list of "Must play these again" wargames. The "Where Eagles Dare" German Mtn Tp skier has once again appeared propped on my monitor in my new work cubicle (his third move in less than 2 years!). Regards to all,