Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fickle Fates of Dice and Cards

I organized my hobby station and found that it actually inspired me to get some models done. I finished off the 4 Space Marines that have been staring at me for the last year or so and it really didn't take that long. I believe in painting everything to a war game standard, so as long as it looks good from 2-3 feet it is good enough for me. That leaves very little unpainted SM left  for a 2000pt list, mind you that 2000pts isn't an optimized list but seeing as I'm not a tournament player and I usually make an army to some theme I have(locked away in my head) that's also OK with me.

The French navy is coming along after a bit of a delay(must be the strikes!). Two 74's are rigged and they just need the rat lines, pennants & flags and then based. One 74 is partially rigged and then on to the 1st rate.

I managed to get a few games in since the last post and thus the title for this post. The 1st game was Wings of War against my son. This is a great game. Quick, easy and  fun and the miniatures add the "cool factor". We had 2 planes each, a single and double seater each. On the first exchange of gun fire my double seater was shot down in a brilliant explosion(I picked the explosion damage card) after that I tried to concentrate on one of my sons planes to even the score but alas I could not cause enough damage before being shot down.
Win/Loss 0-1

Next I went over to a friends place and tried a couple of new games. The first was Summoner's War, a cool little card/war game. How many times can you roll a 1 on a d6 in a row? (when all you need is a 3+), well at least 5-6 times. My friend even grabbed the die, said "let me try" promptly rolled a 6 and gave it back to me so I could roll a 1 again(curse you for using up my 6). That turn was hard to recover from and though I enjoyed the the game it was another loss.
Win/Loss 0-2

So, lets try a co-op game. We tried Castle Ravenloft next. Guess what, I can roll badly with a d20 as well as a d6, and we pick a raft of heavy hitting monster from the monster deck. Another fun game and another loss to which my friend said "wow, I've never lost at this before". To him I say(he is a DM), my bad dice rolling isn't so funny when your on my side is it?
Win/Loss 0-3

Oh well, all the games were fun and at least I don't throw my dice in uncontrollable rage, hitting my friends in the neck with small pointy polyhedrons....well at least not any more.(sorry about that)

So maybe I will get to talking about Malifaux next time. It has a great card system  and doesn't use dice which helps to offset bad luck...but hey, my win/loss ratio isn't much better, what gives!
My Malifaux crews
The Ortegos                                                                        Nicodem

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