Monday, January 10, 2011

The End

The Christmas battle has finally wrapped up and it was full of carnage. By the end of turn 8 Evil had taken 93 casualties and thus had reached it's half way point and would have to start taking courage rolls at the beginning of the turn for every unengaged model. The ones that didn't pass would have to run away and be removed. Good had only (yes only!)taken 86 and therefore would have 1 or 2 turns where the Evil side would be rolling courage(hopefully losing lots of soldiers to their low courage) and they would not.

This is exactly what happened with many models running off the board. By turn 10 Evil had lost 132 models and Good 98 which was past their courage point as well.

The game lasted till turn 12. The Mumak was dead (hurray!) and the only Heroes left standing was a Eastering Captain for the Evil side and Eowyn, Faramir, Gandalf, Legolas and a Gondorian Captain on the Good side.

The game was a lot of fun for both of us with luck both deserting us and favouring us at different times and until the last few turns it could have gone either way but with the Mumak's demise the last hope for the Evil side also disappeared.

The battle rages between Gandalf and Saruman who just can't seem to finish each other off. Saruman eventually got knocked down by Sorcerous Blast and piled on by Gandalf, Faramir, and a couple of others.

Boromir attempting to finish off the Mumak but having to fend off three Nazgul and finally meeting his end at the hands of a Uruk-hai beserker.

Note the missing Boromir! The Mumak was finally finished off by a rain of arrows from Legolas and others. Without the Ent to wear him down Good would not have been able to deal with the monstrosity.

The end. A very sparse battlefield.


  1. Wow! Amazing battle and scenery. How many points was that?

  2. Thanks, we played just over 2700pts per side which turned out to be exactly 183 models each. It was fun to play with some heroic moments from some lesser heroes and decidedly unheroic moments from some mighty heroes!