Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Odds and Ends

I've been doing a little of this and  a little of that since the last post.

I got a game of Malifaux in  a few weeks ago against my usual Malifaux opponent. The game played a little slow because we hadn't played for awhile and also the nature of the crews we played, Resurrectionists-Nicodem vs. The Neverborn-Pandora, but never the less it was a good tactical game and it came down to victory points in the end with me losing by 1 point, 4-5. I should have, and from now on always will, pick a second scheme for my crew to earn points with.

My son and I got in a few games of Summoner's Wars and are still having fun with that.

This past weekend I finally got to play a game of Trafalgar miniature naval rules. I really enjoyed it. It was fast and fun to play and though the simulation factor may be a little low it was a fun way to spend a afternoon. We had 4 players with each controlling 2 ships. We played one game to work out the rules which we brought to an end when we thought we had worked out the rules and then played another game and battled it out to the end. Unfortunately the British lost to the French.
The fleets mix it up.

One of the ships ablaze.

A Captains eye view.

I had to put this in for my friend. A British ship goes down.

Two of the British close.
I also managed to put the finishing touches on my WWII Canadian squad with  a platoon command and 2 Shermans. The infantry represent the North Nova Scotia Highlanders and the Shermans are from the Fort Gary Horse.
The platoon sergeant.

The squad Bren gunner.

A Sherman with the rifle squad.

The Sherman Firefly with the platoon command and the Bren group.

The Sherman Firefly.
That's about it for now. I have been doing some more work on my terrain and I will post some progress pictures in my next post.

See you soon, happy gaming.

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