Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Starting Warmachine and Other Gaming Goodness

I got in a number of games lately including trying my hand at Warmachine. I like the game so far though we are only playing with the small forces included in the starter boxes. In the group of players we have 3 starter sets, Menoth, Khador, and Cygnar. Cygnar is my main force and I have played twice with it and once with Khador against Cygnar. Unfortunately, but typically, I lost every game, once to my friend Shawn against his Menoth group and twice to my son who played Khador and then Cygnar. I believe in retrospect that I launch my finishing moves a little too early and then leave myself open for a counter strike so I will have to adjust my tactics a little. Of course with the small forces involved there is little room for recovery. But it also means you can get in a number of quick games and learn the game quickly.

My son and I also played a small game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. He played the High Elves from the Island of Blood set with the addition of a unit of Spearmen but did not include the Prince on the Griffin and I played a small Orc and Goblin force. The battle ended in a tie.

After playing a few small games now I think I enjoy playing the latest edition of the game. The previous two editions I started to find the rules too fiddly for my liking and I only played the last edition twice as I found the rules too cumbersome. I know this edition seems to be taking some flak from the more competitive players and I have to say I am not a tournament player but I like these rules so far.

I also played a number of board games including Settlers of Catan with the family and Pandemic with my son. Both were loses. Settlers I don't think I really even got in the game, it was between my son and wife and she won the game while Pandemic was a fun game but the diseases got out of control. 

So it looks like a lot of loses and no victories, ah well that's the way she goes. 

I will be helping Shawn run a Malifaux demo game at a local games day so to that end I am building some terrain and finishing off some Malifaux figures and that should fill my hobby time till then.   

The set up of the Warhammer battle. The scenario was a Meeting Engagement. I had 1 unit and my General in reserve while the Elves had 1 unit in reserve.

The forces close.

One of the Warmachine games. The forces have some base colours on them but need to be finished.

The foam core shell for a Malifaux building. The back view.

The front.

The Malifaux Peacekeeper miniature.

I painted the foam edges with glue to seal them off and primed the building.

My completed woods.

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