Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lasalle Game

Just this week I manage to play a couple of small games of Lasalle. This is a Napoleonic miniature game by Sam Mustafa. I have always loved this period just for the look on the game table but other than a game I used to play in the 80's which I do not remember the name I have never found a set of rules that I enjoy playing. Now just to get this out of the way I only have a passing knowledge of the era and its tactics. I seem to spend all my time rebasing figures to try another set of rules which should be THE set of rules for me. I've tried Shako, Piquet, General de Brigade and a few others I can't remember off hand.

So how did I enjoy the rules? Well I actually enjoyed them quite a bit. It played fast and the mechanics were fairly intuitive. The rules seemed to make you play the tactics of the period without resorting to a bunch of complicated rules, but remember this is coming from someone who does not claim to be a scholar in this period. The key thing for me perhaps though is would I actually like to play this game again, yes. Finally I will be able to keep my figures based this way for awhile and maybe even get my 15mm Napoleonic troops to the gaming table once in awhile.

French Cavalry

The French center(a little blurry)

The British advance

The lines at the start of the battle. The brown bases represent rough ground.

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