Monday, April 25, 2011

Balls in the Air

Well its been fairly quite here as far as actually getting games in lately. I have got in a few, a game of Malifaux, Arcane Legions, a really short trial game of Infinity as well as a family game of Pandemic.

Mostly I've been doing planning and prep. I am planning a Malifaux weekend for about 6 people towards the end of June at my house with all kinds of Malifaux goodness. I will have 3 tables set up with games going on Saturday through Sunday with an appropriate movie thrown in, a BBQ and perhaps a trip to the pub.

Another friend of mine hosts a board game weekend at his cottage and that will be coming up in May and though this will only be my second time attending it will be a good time. Lots of games, food and friends and my older son will be coming as well. To top things off an old friend I haven't seen in some time is hoping to be able to fly in for the weekend...great!

A group of like minded individuals including me have got together and are attempting to get a local miniatures game group together with the first couple of trial nights already booked in a community room. My friend Shawn has been doing most of the leg work on this and hopefully it will take off.

As far as my own game related activities go I've been putting together some Infinity models and I will soon put up some pictures on my WIP page. I have a mixed opinion on these models. There is perhaps a little more work involved in putting them together than other metal  miniatures I have constructed but the sculpts are very nice looking. I have some Napoleonic naval vessels to get to the shipyards(commission work) as well as some new 15mm Napoleonic recruits to get ready for the Lasalle rules. I am also getting my paint scheme worked out for the 25mm ECW figures by Warlord Games. This unit I plan on selling after I have them finished.

So although I haven't accomplished much I have a lot of balls in the air, I hope I don't drop too many!

Arcane Legions, Rome vs. Egypt. I like the game but the collector aspect really stops me getting into it.

Forward units close in. The terrain is very abstract.

The figures are about 1/76. Not great quality but a paint job really helps and they are very cheap.
Before my friends complain here is the results of the few games that I did get in. Arcane Legions vs. my son-win, Malifaux vs. Eric-loss, family game of  Pandemic (co-op) win, though there was a screw up with a deck shuffle which I am sure helped out the cause. Almost forgot the Infinity game vs. my son-loss. We were using the quick start rules.

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