Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back Again

After the last post apparently the ball I dropped was my blog because it has been a little over due here. I have been up to quite a few things since the last post and I don't think I will remember them all so this will just be highlights and what my poor memory can recall.

Big news, a local group of gamers including me have kicked off a miniatures game club in the Halifax area playing any miniature game that can be played in our time slot. Right now we are meeting once a month and we will see what interest we generate. The main games right now seem to be Malifaux and Warmachine but we would like to get more variety in time and I am going to see if I can squeeze in some historical gaming, maybe some small Flames of War or some skirmish game like Disposable Heroes.

As for getting games in I've played Malifaux at the club with my Perdita crew vs. Leveticus. I lost and was on my back foot most of the game. I have never played against that crew before and he does seem tricky to deal with. It wasn't totally Leveticus's way and I did manage to take out Rusty Alyce and Killjoy.

I also played another game of Infinity against my son. We used the full rules this time though I am sure we did not use all the skills to maximum benefit but the game was fun and played smooth enough. I won this one and there was some very cinematic action like when the Haq Lt dodged HMG fire 3 times, was finally hit only to have the round bounce off his armor before he made his escape off board.

I also picked up the Osprey edition of Force on Force as well as the Road to Baghdad scenario book. Me and a couple of friends are gathering our 20mm and 1/72 miniatures to get a game in soon.

I haven't done a lot of model work but in the last couple of days have started to get back to painting the ECW regiment. I am pleased the way they look and will put some pictures up soon on the WIP page.

Finally what has been eating up my free hobby time is the new F1 game for the PS3. I used to play F1 games all the time but stopped when I stopped following the real F1 season. I still play racing games and picked this one up recently just to try the F1 games again. And I love it, the game is a good mix, at least for me, between simulation and game. You take penalties when you screw up and you can't just ram your way through the traffic. So probably not for everyone but I think Codemasters have done a great job here.

First Infinity game using the quick start rules. 3 miniatures per side.

The same game.

A miniature's perspective.

The second game at 150pts. I set up the street grids on a diagonal to cut done on LOS.

Overall view of the battlefield. The shuttle is a cardboard model I down loaded from the Infinity site. Infinity

My friend Pierre and my youngest reading Force on Force.

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