Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Prep, Games, Planning

This is just a short blog to mention a few things going on.

As mentioned before I bought a copy of Force on Force by Ambush Alley Games and have sucked in at least two other players to give it a try so I've been busy putting together a table for our first battle while waiting for some the military forces to arrive. Eric and Pierre already have a significant number of plastic and metal figures as well as vehicles so we should be able to get a test game in soon.

The town being built using insulating foam board.

The buildings complete with vehicles for scale.

The right flank with a T-55.

The left flank with a Bradley.
I've also managed to get some painting done on my ECW figures which I will probably put up for sale when the unit is complete.

This weekend I am off to a friends cottage for his annual "Cottage-Con" where a bunch of us get together to play various board games for a weekend. This is the only time I see some of these friends and some new friends have been made, a good time all around.

Also, I've been continuing with the planning for the Malifaux weekend and have a few more interested people that have contacted me so the group is growing and as long as everyone has a good time I will consider making this an annual event perhaps moving it into a local community hall to have a larger gaming space. I will talk to everyone involved after the Malifaux weekend is over and gauge interest for that.

And the big news, I've completed the 1st season of my PS3 F1 racing career coming in 3rd overall and starting season 2 with 2 wins, woo-hoo!(after I finish this 3 year career mode I will have to turn it up to hard and have my ego deflated)

Rob H

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