Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cottage Con

Last weekend we had the annual Cottage Con event hosted by my friend Rob T at his, wait for it, cottage with most games supplied by Shawn. It was another great time full of board games, BBQ food and a good bunch of guys.

Tristan and I arrived Friday and were the last to arrive. There was already a game in progress so we filled the time playing Summoner Wars, one of the 3 games I brought. We then played a game of Rune Wars Friday night, another game I had brought. On Saturday I played Age of Empires III, Conan,  Blockus and a Zombie game in which you have to defend your house. Sunday I played Ascension and Zombie State. There may be 1 or 2 other games that I am forgetting.

The 3 things I took away from the weekend were:
1. It's always a blast playing a bunch of games with good people, my oldest son included. Thanks again for hosting Rob, and look forward to next year.
2. Make a record of the games I play because it starts to get hazy after 3 days of gaming.
3. I may be able to save the world from a Zombie outbreak but I can't protect my own house from them.

Now it's on to preparing for the Malifaux weekend in three weeks. There is going to be 10 players so it may be a little crowded but hopefully everyone will have a good time. So I am trying to paint some figures up, at least the ones that seem to get on the table frequently and maybe work on some terrain.

I think, between friends and I we have everything needed to play some games of Force on Force so we will try to get a game in soon. It is supposed to play quickly so I am looking forward to giving it a go and see how it works. The community on the Ambush Alley forum is quite friendly and have already helped me out deciding on scale and reading through back posts

So that's about it. Board games galore, getting prepared for the Malifaux weekend and also getting stuff ready to try a game of Force on Force.

I will put up pictures as I finish work on the figures for Malifaux and Force on Force.

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