Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting Ready

It's all about getting ready now. There's just over a week till the house gets invaded by a  bunch of Malifaux players and I am trying to get things together to try out the Force on Force rules.

So till the end of the week I am trying to get some Malifaux figures painted, I know I won't get them all painted but I want to get a few more ready. After this week I plan to build up some more terrain and maybe work on a few more figures. I managed to get my Lilith crew together but I am not even going to try to get any of them painted. If any one has ideas on how to make the Malifaux Cherub more stable on the base let me know. It is attached to the base by such a small and weak bit of metal I know it won't last. My son got his Marcus crew together and is trying to at least get him painted before next weekend.

Crooked Man

Enslaved Nephilim

Nicodem's Vulture. All need basing.

I am also painting up some modern US army figures so we can give the Force on Force rules a try. I am fitting these in when I want a break from painting the Malifaux figures. A friend(and opponent) of mine has insurgents ready to go so it's up to me to get the battlefield ready and the US army. The battlefield is getting some upgrades thanks to some helpful suggestions from the Ambush Alley forum.

The first fire team.

These are the Caesar plastic 1/72 miniatures.

By their BFV.

I did get in one game of Malifaux against my usual opponent, Shawn. It was Perdita vs. Colette. The game was a blast, I really injoyed this one though I ended up losing by one VP. Colette ended the game alone and running from my crew but in so she managed to sneak out one VP over me. Perdita was gone by this time and with Colette's ability to produce soul stones I could not kill her. A good game none the less. 

The next blog will be the post Malifaux weekend report so expect lots of pictures. Of course after that weekend I may be kicked out of the house and I will have to blog from the front yard!


  1. A good weekend had by all! And I have to say that the vulture looks even better in person.

    Am I right in understanding that Tristan painted his own Marcus? It's much better than mine will be (assuming I ever get around to painting him).

  2. Yes Tristan painted his own Marcus, I just give pointers now which he takes or not as he sees fit.