Thursday, February 16, 2012

Painting and a Fight in the Sewers

Despite a car accident (which is still being sorted out though we know the car is a write off) and a family wide sickness which took all 4 of us out of action for the better part of a week I did get some gaming and modeling in.

On the modeling front I finished off my first batch of Elhiem miniatures, the USMC 2009+. I will be using these in conjunction with  Ambush Alley Games Force on Force rules. I painted up a squad to play out the first scenario in the Road to Baghdad book. Yes I know the scenario takes place in 2003 and the Marines are wearing the armour plates of a few years on but I am going to let this pass as I am sure these fellows are going to make their way to Afghanistan as well.

I also managed to get in a game of Malifaux at A Few Glued Men meet up vs. my usual opponent, Shawn. This was are first game using the Terra Clips terrain. Shawn had used two Sewers of Malifaux sets to come up with the board and it was pretty cool to play on. It makes some nice 3D terrain but the clips that hold it together do stand out quite a bit and the squares make range estimating easier though I found this didn't make a big difference in play. The game was my Perdita crew vs. Shawn's Leviticus crew. We had shared Contain Power which is hard to pull off against Leviticus and Shawn received an early 2pts by fulfilling Kill Protegee against Taelor which I had wanted to use to cleave through his minions. After that I started to hold back to try to get two points from my unannounced schemes, Hold Out and Stake a Claim. We both pulled out some good and bad luck during card draws and neither of us could fulfill the shared strategy. The game ended in a draw which I thought was good for Perdita after being down 2 points early on. It was a fun game, looked good on the Terra Clips board and was a fairly tense second half of the game.

Elhiem miniatures USMC 2009+

The Lt.

One of the Riflemen

Taelor on the left just before Leviticus killed her. Nino in position.

Sewer level view.

Perdita holding the bridge.

Perdita and Leviticus stare each other down.

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