Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Slow Few Weeks

Well I haven't been doing a lot, gaming wise, recently but I have done some modeling at least.

I've been getting some paint on my 20mm Elhiem modern USMC to get ready for some battles of Force on Force. The gear they are wearing (2009+) is a little too modern for some of the scenarios (2003) but I'm sure the players will let this pass. I'm painting them as described in the Force on Force Afghanistan scenario book with a few paint substitutions for colours I don't have and they are coming out pretty good and are quite easy to do.

I am also working on the Napoleonic 1/1200 ships and currently have all the French ships painted and ready to rig.

Gaming has been fairly slow though but I have been working on a WHFRP (Warehammer Fantasy Roleplay) campaign that will hopefully kick off soon. I've been wanting to give this a really good try and though I have played a few sessions not really enough to really get into it. I have been listening to a podcast called the  Reckless Dice and it is quite good to listen to their advice and the live roleplay sessions to get a good idea how to use the dice pool mechanic.

I've also been wasting too much time playing Battlefield 3 on the xbox but I won't talk about that here!

See you later.
Elhiem 20mm 2009+ USMC

Front fireteam awaiting detail, center fireteam and Lt. with basic uniform colour applied and back fireteam primed. 

center-awaiting detail, left-basic uniform done, right-primed.


  1. hello ,, help please wath colors use for your USMC minis can you post a tutorial? , this usmc are exellent and the colors look impresive ,, very real with not much amount of time on painting them i supose right? i hope you helpme. thanks

  2. I'll post up a quick how to this week if I get a chance. And yes it was quick and dirty method.

  3. I just got another batch of figures so I will paint some up and post the process.