Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mostly Modeling

Well I didn't get a lot of gaming lately bit I have got in a fair bit of modeling, mostly in preparation for some Malifaux gaming. Now that I have most of what I need painted for my Seamus crew I think I might be switching modeling gears to some historical figs. I have plenty to work on so picking an era and scale will be the hardest part. I will probably work on some 15mm WWII while completing the 1/1200 Napoleonic ships of the line. Of course I could work on my 25mm WWII, 25mm EWC, 25mm Napoleonic, 15mm Napoleonic, 25mm Infinity, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, etc, etc... Oh well I should just pick something and get into it.
My complete rivers, next some bridges.

A view at river level.

Seamus completed.

His Belles.

Flesh Construct.
Dead Justice. She'll be used with her Dead Doxy stats.

The only games I've got in lately was at A Few Glued Men recently. It was a short evening as there was a low turn out for the evening with only 5 people showing up. I played a 3 way game of Heroclix which I've played a few times but am not terribly familiar with. I played Nova Force vs. Shawn and his Sentinels and Gareth with Capt. America, his Howling Commandos and the Silver Surfer(for some reason). Gareth and I teamed up against the Sentinels and then turned on each other once we figured they were beaten down enough. Gareth pulled out the win by keeping his units fairly safe and thus being relatively intact to take on me and the remaining Sentinel.

Gareth complaining about how his forces would be wiped out before pulling out the win. Shawn plots.

Shawn with his evil plans.

Well once again that's it for now. Keep gaming.


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