Sunday, April 8, 2012

Random Games

Once again it has been a little while since my last post. I am going to have to start keeping a game journal so I will remember exactly what I have done between posts because my memory just isn't that great.

I managed to meet up with Ben from A Few Glued Men to play a few games of Dust Tactics. He wanted to give it a try but we were having problems getting together with our conflicting schedules. Ben was able to come out to my house though and we got in a few games. Dust has very uncomplicated rules but almost has a chess like feel of play. I hate to say I lost both games but it's true, and I hate to blame it on my dice rolling but  it was rather poor through both games. I think Ben enjoyed the games and maybe we will be able to get in some more games in the future. He is interested in getting into the SSU units that are coming out soon and I am interested in checking out the Dust Warfare miniature rules when they become available.

The Dust games in progress.

I also played a few games of Malifaux, one against Chet at A Few Glued Men and one against my son. And yes I lost both of these as well. These losses I can take full blame for though. Malifaux victory is based strictly on meeting your crews strategies and schemes which are usually different from your opponent and frequently have nothing to do with destroying the other team. Having not played in awhile I lost sight of my own victory conditions early on in both games and set out to destroy the other crew. I then was trying to reposition and recover from bad positioning to get my victory points after I came to my senses and realized my mistake. I will have to get a few more games in before the Malifaux weekend to make sure the rules are fresh in my head.

Tristan and I battling it out in the streets of Malifaux. Marcus vs. Nicodem.

   Tristan and I also played a few games of Heroclix which I have had for years but haven't played in a very long time. I picked up the new rules and some of the new figures and Tristan picked up some figures as well. The game is fun to play and also requires no painting!, so its nice to just open a box a battle it out.

Shawn started a Descent campaign in which I am taking part so we had the first game of that. We managed to get the campaign kicked off, travel to the first dungeon and clear out the first level. The game was fun but as always with Descent a little long, though now all the prep work is done the next time we get together it will be to go straight into the dungeon and kill things.

And that was about it for games, I did some modeling mostly to get some Malifaux figures ready for the upcoming Malifaux weekend.

I green stuffed the bases to fit the Streets of Malifaux.
Seamus under way.

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