Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Madness Continues

Well surprisingly enough I have managed to keep some steam up painting my 15mm Napoleonics and WWII Americans.

I have painted enough British Napoleonics now to fight a reasonable sized battle using Lasalle. I can field enough to fight either a defensive or offensive battle with an extra attachment. With a little more painting this will be jumped up to 2 more attachments.

The way the army builder works for the game is that you get a number of units depending on the theatre/time period based on the type of command(Infantry, Guards etc,) and then the players decide how many extra attachments they will get, both sides receiving the same amount. The attacker also receives a slight boost in the number of base units. 

I have also continued painting up my Flames of War Americans. These are relatively easy to paint compared to the Naps. I have the 1st platoon and Company HQ painted and the 2nd platoon on the bench.

I am also painting up a few figures for Infinity, 6 figures to be exact.

The reason behind this is I want to get enough figures painted to field small forces in some demo games that Ed I will be running at a local convention, Hal-Con in Halifax. It is a Sci-fi/fantasy convention with a fairly large boardgame component. Last year Ian, from The Aethervox and I ran some well attended Malifaux demos and this year we are going to expand this to include other games. I will most likely be doing demos of Flames of War, Lord of the Rings by GW, Infinity, Dust Warfare as well as Malifaux. Because of the convention theme I will not be doing any historical games besides from FOW. I might bring in some pictures of other games in progress just to show people some of the other games out there.

Tristan and I also played a game of Battlelore which we haven't played in quite awhile and I forgot how easy it is to pick up and fun to play and if you are wondering Tristan won the game, 6VP for the win against my 4.

Anyways back to painting and skimming rules!  

My entire force so far. I have more yet to paint.

The infantry.

The cavalry attachment.

The artillery.

The force from the side.

The 1st American platoon and Company HQ. Bases will be done later.

Company HQ.

1st platoon.

Infinity demo force 1, PanOceana. Painting required.

Infinity demo force 2, Haqqislam. More painting required!

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