Friday, March 29, 2013

Game Weekends Galore

I have been gaming, planing and painting, oh my!

It started with a road trip with Tristan and Chet to one end of the province. We headed out Saturday morning and drove to Yarmouth, NS. where our friends Julian and Ian live. They usually make the trip this way so it was good to travel to their location this time.

We arrived around lunch time and Julian kindly fed us. We chatted a bit, and then played some games. Tristan, Ian and I played a three player game of Malifaux while Chet and Julian played a few games of X-Wing.

The Malifaux game went well. We used the multi-player variant from Wyrd Chronicles, Wyrd Miniatures' e-zine. I deployed in the center and on turn 2 or 3 made the fatal mistake of becoming fixated on one opponent and ignored Ian which he capitalized on. After that I was just trying to hold on for a few VP's. So lesson learned and I would be willing to give multi-player Malifaux another go though I think we would have to play on a 4 foot board instead of the 3 foot board we had played on. At 3 feet we were all just too close together right from the start.

After that we had supper and then pulled out Zombicide in which we were all killed, in fact I was killed twice. The first time was so early into the game though that I just started over.(no one wanted me to touch their dice, I don't get it.)

Later on in the evening we played a game of Fiasco which was fun but hampered by the fact that none of us had played it before and we started playing quite late, which interfered with the old creative juices.

Sunday we just chatted, had breakfast and headed home. So thanks Julian and Meaghan for their hospitality.

As soon as I get the pictures off my phone I will post them.

Next up is my 3rd Annual Malifaux weekend which I am doing some prep for though not as much as I probably should. Once again this will be a tournament format weekend and it looks like we will have 8-10 players.

The weekend after that is my friends annual Cottage Con weekend which is a fun weekend of boardgames.

In the meantime I am putting together another western frontier building for Malifaux plus playing a few practice games with Tristan. We also played a game of Dust Strategy board game. We have played that enough now that we are going to try some optional rules I printed off from a forum and one I came up with myself. So we will see how that goes. And on a similar theme I decided to paint my walkers from Dust Tactics/Warfare. I had painted the soldiers awhile but had not painted the walkers till now. I just painted them up with a very basic scheme and some weathering so they will look decent on the game table. I also had a fortuitous encounter in a game store with a chap who plays with a regular Dust group twice a month so I might try to get in for a game soon.

That's about it for now must get back to some prep work I guess.

The Malifaux jail under construction.

The interior, with two cells.

A game using the Terraclips, this time a 3 story building.

Top floor.

2nd floor.

The basement.

Seamus and crew enter the basement.The game ended in a tie.

Masking a camo pattern for Dust Axis walkers.

The camo sprayed, details to be added.

Allied walkers painted.

More Allied walkers.

A closer shot.

The Axis walkers.

Light Axis walkers

Light walker variants.


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