Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I've Been Pretty Slack

I have been pretty slack lately getting the blog out and it's not that I haven't been gaming it's just that I haven't felt like sitting at the computer to blog.

As a matter of fact I can't really remember which games I have played but I think it would include Star Wars LCG, Pandemic, Munchkin, Infinity, Malifaux, X-Wing and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. And this weekend myself, a friend and my son are taking a road trip to do a few days gaming at another friends house. Again some Malifaux and who knows what else will be brought out to play.

So here is the score sheet for the games I remember:

1. Pandemic-lost, players were me, my oldest son and my wife, Tristan and Michelle.

2. Infinty-lost, this was a 200pt game vs. Tristan. We switched armies from what we had been playing and I think I need to get use to playing PanO after playing Haq for the last little while.

3. Munchkin-win, players were me, Tristan and Michelle. The game was a little more ruthless now that we know how to play.

4. Malifaux- a big loss, I played my friend Chet and he destroyed me, that comes from not playing in such along time and not using a familiar crew!

5. X-Wing, 2 loses, Tristan and I took on Chet and Alex. The first game was a refresher and we lost. The second game was a lot of fun though we lost again.

6.Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay-win win. Hey it's a rpg, to play is to win! I DM'd the game and I think everyone had fun and it ended very Warhammer like, the players lived but...

Well that's about it, so here are some pictures.

The Infinity table.

A lower view giving a better view of some of the different elevations.

A PanO fusilier looking down the table.

A elevated walkway. Haq getting into position.

PanO soldier dropped.

2nd X-Wing game.

Tristan and I maneuver into position. Unfortunately my squad leader miscalculated and ran into an asteroid and then enemy fire, bye, bye squad leader. 

The rebels starting off.

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