Monday, June 17, 2013

Building the Beach in 15mm, D-Day Prep part 2

Continuing the preparations for our D-Day battles I have started to build a beach in 15mm. I have wanted to do this for awhile so this is just a good reason to get it done. I am building it on 2' by 2' sections to match some of the other boards that I have made. This is a generic beach but aimed with a look for the British and Canadian beaches. I will just show the work in pictures.

I also got the game Forbidden Island for Father's Day and already played a game. I think this will be am excellent game to take camping this summer.

The left board with the general layout in pencil. There is a bluff on the left side and a beach exit in the middle. I later decided not to include the bluff.

The right side penciled in. Here I have a stair on the wall. The material is 5mm MDF.

The 2 boards together.

The beach glued on in 5mm foam and waves using plaster.

The seawall and land in 1" foam.

The exit cut into the foam.

The beach and water painted. I plastered over the beach first. You can see the stairs towards the back of the picture.

Sea view on right side. The paint is still drying here so is a little glossy yet.

And the sea view on the right side.

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