Sunday, June 23, 2013

Finishing Touched on the D-Day Beach

I have finished of the beaches for the D-Day battles and now I can get back to painting up the German defenders that I will be commanding. Chet said he would make some bocage for inland while Eric is going to make some obstacles for the defenders and this is allowing me to switch over to painting the defenders.

I also downloaded some paper models of the LCA and LCM from Paper Tiger. These were quite cheap and pretty easy to put together though I left off some details as these are for gaming purposes only. They look quite good on the board though.

Well this is just a short post to show the finished beaches but come battle day if we have 4 players available we may run all four players on a 4 by 8 foot board with a beach landing and airdrop happening on the same board.

Note: all the below pictures are staged propaganda!

The beachfront, landing craft dropping the ramps!

A view along the beach.

From the defenders perspective.

From the other end of the beach.

A view from one of the bunkers.

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