Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Post A Game of Thrones Boardgame and Sentinel Tactics Miniatures

So we played the Boardgame A Game of Thrones and it went, well not so good!

The game rules and turn flow were pretty easy to pick up and the game played pretty smoothly but it was definitely a learning game as far as strategy goes. I played House Baratheon situated in the middle on the east coast and without some alliances I think the houses in the middle will have a hard time winning meanwhile Stark in the North was pretty much left alone to spread out. Next time I think alliances will have to be made in the south and Stark will need to be checked early on. We shall see!

Both these pics are near the end of the game. I am the yellow pieces near the bottom of the picture. After a brief expansion I am being pushed back.

And finally not much left of Baratheon. Stark has expanded all through the north for the win.

I also finished painting up my Sentinel Tactics miniatures and for boardgame pieces I think they turned out pretty good.

The good guys.

Citizens(the bad guys!)

Baron Blade, bad guy.

The rest of the evil Citizens.


Next up is the Star Wars Edge of the Empire session on the weekend.

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