Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And So It Begins

The battle has begun! The forces are set.

The Forces of Evil: Moria Goblins with Saruman and a Cave Troll, Easterlings, a Mumuk, Uruk-Hai with Lurtz, Haradrim with Suladan and a Hashiri, Orcs, Warg Riders and Haradrim Raiders with 3 Nazgul spread through the line.

The Forces of Good: Rangers of Gondor with Faramir, Soldiers of Gondor(units spread through the line) with Gandalf, Rohirim with Theoden, Gamling and Eowin, my newly painted Ent, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Riders of Rohan with Eomer, and finally some Dwarves.

A close up of the Mumak and Ent
 The first couple of turns did not bode well for the Forces of Good as their shooting was terrible. By the time the sides started to engage good had lost 12 to the evil loss of 3.

This is the end of turn 2 as indicated by the blue die in the foreground. The Troll is knocked down by Gandalf's magic. Note Aragorn and Gimli charging at the Mumak while the Ent throws boulders at it, but quite literally cannot hit the broad side of a barn.
By the end of turn 4 things where evening out though a series of poor die rolls started to make the commander of the Forces of Good rather irritated. I didn't think it was statistically possible to roll 6 ones in a row!

Turn 4: Casualties or mounting(the evil cavalry in the corner are part of the pile) Good has taken 21 including Aragorn while evil has taken 30.
Note that only Gimli remains as rocks were hurled on Aragorn's head from above and he could not roll a single fate to save himself!
 And it continues....

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