Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Gaming

The preparations for the Christmas battle are slowly taking shape, the table is set up and although I did not finish my terrain projects as hoped for they are at the stage where I can at least put them on the table. The army lists are ready so the next step is "TO WAR".

Tristan and I have continued our game of Deathwatch RPG and this session went much faster as I get used to the rules and was lots of fun. One more session should finish the scenario and then maybe I will recruit some more members for the team.

I also got in a few games in the last couple of days of games received under the tree. Pandemic once and Summoner Wars twice. 

Tristan and I Playing Summoners Wars which Santa brought Tristan for Christmas. He really liked it, its a fun fast game.

The battlefield waiting for the troops to arrive. Those are the new hills but they have to be flocked and finished off. The big hill under the ruins can be separated into 3 hills-2 corner hills and 1 table edge hill. 

A close up of the ruins, originally built as Weathertop a few years ago.
Some of the newer Osgiliath ruins from GW

These are the bases for my forests/rough area terrain. They have yet to be textured and I will make plugs in which I will base trees for forests are rocks to represent rough area terrain.

These are the trees based, I need to get more though.

The trees placed in the cut out areas of the base.

Me with a couple of my Christmas presents, actually Pandemic was a family gift from Santa.

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