Sunday, August 14, 2011

Force on Force Trial Game

Well I actually got the first game of FoF in. We had four players altogether including me.  And how did it go you ask...well it took a few turns to get the flow of the game and we made numerous mistakes along the way so although we did get the feel for the game I think we are going to do a replay fairly soon now that we have a better understanding of the rules. When we do that game I will do a proper after action report. Suffice it to say on this run through the US Army dealt a crippling blow to the Insurgents in Fallujah  though they did not reach their final objective by games end. I think the replay will be a lot harder on the US Forces when we do the reactions correctly.

I found the rules reasonably ok to read and they are fairly well indexed but sometimes the rules wording seems a little unclear though all questions are quickly answered on the forums either by the game designers themselves or any number of helpful members. They have recently put up a detailed turn example which was really useful too. I think these rules will be a lot of fun and quick to play once we get the hang of them which I don't think will take too long. Eric and I both went out and bought more d8 so we'll be ready.

I also managed to pick up a copy of the next scenario book for FoF with scenarios from Afghanistan called Enduring Freedom.

As long as we like the rules we are going to start the USMC scenarios from Road to Baghdad so there will be yet more figure painting in my near future!

I haven't played any other games and I missed the Superstore games night last month but I should be able to make the next one and I should be getting a  game with Shawn this week.

So hopefully I will get in a few games before the next blog. Oh, I almost forgot I have been making up some characters for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, WHFRP, for a super secret game group.(let's just say I don't have to leave the house to play but I have been sworn to secrecy so...shhhh).

The start positions, US Army still to enter.

The US Army enters the board.

The players, plus 1. Shawn(my Malifaux opponent) kept on trying to cast spells!

The hand of doom.

The US has advanced near the objectives and most of the Insurgents are down.

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