Monday, August 29, 2011

Games, Books and Film(ing)

Once again, little has been accomplished. I have yet to get the second game of Force on Force in because of scheduling issues with players(including me), in the summer that is always a problem but of course in the winter there is usually a storm to mess up a game weekend! Oh well what can you do.

I did get in a game of Warmachine using my 25 pts of Cygnar vs. a Menoth force and this was a lot more fun than I was expecting. Jumping up from a battle box to a small force added a lot of depth to the game and I didn't feel completely overwhelmed despite having not played in quite awhile. I was kept in the game by Shawn's bad dice rolls when I had left Stryker vulnerable for a few turns before I could get him back to safety but overall I felt that I had a good handle on the game and could have won but the hour was late and I attempted a do or die move and ended up dieing. But the game was fun non the less. I took some good photos but still I am not sure how to get them off my phone, some time I will actually have to see how that is done.

I have been painting up the rest of my insurgents for FoF but this is mainly for extra's we may need or if I want a game without Eric around who has all the non US forces. After they are finished, probably this week, I will move on to my USMC and the 1/1200 Napoleonic ships I have left including some for Eric.

On a slightly different note a good friend of mine  had sent me a copy of some old AD&D books that I had previously sold, no doubt to pay rent when I was much younger,  which was a nice trip down memory lane thinking of gaming all night with chips and 2L bottles of pop.

I also played a short session of WHFRP, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay with my oldest son and someone I can't mention which went pretty well and was fun to do, we will probably continue the story at some point.

My F1 2010 career is going well. I recently picked up the Logitech steering wheel and peddles and though I don't know if my lap times are any better it certainly is fun. I finished season 1 of a 3 season career placing better than the team's expectations(but less than mine) but got beat out by my chosen rival. Now I am starting season 2 with a win but I always seem to do well on the first track, it may be down hill from here!

And just as a side "cool" note, they were filming a mini-series right in front of my house. I came home and Pierce Brosnan was standing on my front yard. They filmed for 2 and a bit days and it was very cool to watch the process. So when "Bag of Bones" by Stephen King comes on TV there will be one scene in which I can say "that's my house". Unfortunately I had to take down our Canadian flag for the filming as it was supposed to be Maine.

The original covers for AD&D. Pat sent me the Player's book and Deities & Demigods.

My steering wheel arrangement for F1 2010 for PS3.

My house lit up for filming with a fake full moon.

The film crew, my lawn is on the left side of the road, Pierce is in there somewhere.

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