Tuesday, May 13, 2014

French & Indian Wars

Painting the British Regulars is taking a little longer than expected between real life getting in the way and figuring out how to paint all the details on the models. I decided after painting the base coats from last post that the best way to proceed would be to paint one model up so that I can follow the paint scheme on the rest of the models. Of course the officer and drummer are painted a little different so those will be completed last. So I have one completed model and the others are following.

Other projects include a couple of buildings for Muskets & Tomahawks from Pegasus Hobbies and a Bolt Action Churchill MkVII. Unfortunately the Churchill has two track assemblies for one side and none for the other side. I have sent a request for a replacement part to Bolt Action so we will see what happens.

Hopefully I will have bases for the Conquest Miniatures soon and I will base the British force before moving onto the French force.

I also played a few turns of the Fortune and Glory boardgame I bought on Free Comic Book Day and it seems like a lot of fun so when I have a block of time I will lay a full game. I can't leave a game set up or the cats will loose pieces!

The Churchill kit with the two tracks for the same side.

The first completed British regular.

From the other side.

And the rest waiting for the finishing strokes.

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