Saturday, May 17, 2014

The British Are Coming

Thanks to a sick child I had some time to finish off my British Regular Infantry for the French Indian Wars while he was recuperating. With this unit finished that makes 200pts for the British. I have the next batch of figures primed which are the Compagnie Franches de la Marine as well as starting a small building kit. 

I also received word from Warlord Games saying that they are sending me the replacement part for the Churchill kit I have that was mispacked with two track sections for one side and none for the other. This was quite quick and if I receive the part in a reasonable time then I am very happy with their customer service.

Making the flag for the unit. A piece of wire for the flag pole. A thin piece of plastic card. I used the needle nose pliers to hold the card flat along the edge that will be attached to the pole while I used the heat gun to soften the plastic and form some waves.

I had already drawn the lines on the card so that I could paint the flag. 

I then attached the card to the pole with green stuff. I also used some liquid green stuff later to smooth out the joint.

The completed flag.

The troops.

The drummer.

The officer.

One of the soldiers marching.

And firing.

The flag bearer.

The flag bearer with the flag, I think I should weather the flag a little.

The French primed and ready for paint.

The building glued and primed.

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